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With its 30 ready-to-use applications, Silverpeas gives you the opportunity to put in place a collaborative Intranet/Extranet platform that meets the needs of any organization.

The integrated ESN (Enterprise Social Network) offers the possibility for users to manage their profile, update their status, choose their relationships, and monitor their activity, while making it easy to keep everyone updated and find the platform's content (documents, images, events, etc).



The catalog of applications :

Document Management

Professional Document Management
Easily organize, publish and share the information that counts! Silverpeas' leading application, the EDM makes it possible to build a older structure and manage your information with the publications. Resembling an email, these offer the possibility to group together into a single page: attached files (with track changes), open content (WYSIWYG) or structured content (form), and metadata (title, date, author, etc.). Users can comment on the publications, subscribe to folders, notify, etc. The different roles and settings, as well as the integrated validation workflows, can be adapted to the majority of needs. It is also possible to build new validation workflows through the workflow engine.
Multi-axis Document Management
This application also manages publications. But these are tagged in an independent taxonomy allowing the user to easily cross-search.



The different views offered present one-time or periodic events. The application enables clustering and rapid access to other almanacs. All the events can be exported into iCal format.

This applications covers the classical features of a forum: subscription, indicator of new features, highlights users, date of last message, number of consultations, etc.

Contact Directory
The application creates contacts (users or non-users of the platform). Each contact can be defined through a customizable form. A headings structure makes it possible to freely organize them. They can be imported or exported in CSV format. The contacts can be linked with a company.
Collecting users' opinions has never been so simple. The "Vote" application quickly creates a multiple choice question and programs its placement on-line. The participation and results are automatically calculated and can be exported.

The function is similar to the "Vote" application, but a survey is formed from several open or closed questions. The results are presented in two different forms (anonymous or named) so as to make full use of them according to one's needs.

Ideal for checking knowledge or as an e-learning solution, this entertaining application creates a series of closed questions. A precise score and rating can be defined for each question. The notion of a good or bad response and final score makes it possible to highlight users and establish a winner.
Resource Management
First, the manager creates categorized resources (rooms, vehicles, computer hardware, etc.). Then, the users create reservations that require one or several resources. Only the resources available at the requested dates are proposed. It is possible to activate a validation system.
Project Management
Under the responsibility of a project manager, a set of tasks is created. Each task (and its subtasks) is overseen by a manager. The allocation of associated resources is automatically calculated and makes it possible to detect an overallocation. The Gantt chart provides an optimal visualization.
On-line Forms
A very practical application based on fully customizable forms, it allows users to submit all kinds of structured requests. Then, the addressees validate or refuse the requests received. The notifications enable perfect monitoring of the requests.

Email Archiving
This application archives all the emails sent to the e-mail address associated to a folder.
Moderating is possible. If the subscription is activated, the application has the behavior of a mailing list.


Knowledge Management

Experts Directory
The application can help find expert users in a domain and enter into contact with them. The experts are qualified through a customizable form and the taxonomy.

Questions/Answers (to experts)
Based on the well-known principle of an FAQ, this application allows any user to directly ask the experts a question. The answers progressively expand this knowledge base.


Content Management

The news automatically moves up on the homepage, and is formed of a title and detailed description.

Perfect for monitoring the news of a project or team, the blog makes it possible to create tickets. Each user can subscribe and participate by leaving comments. It is possible to manage categories. The tickets are also accessible via RSS.

Image Gallery
Another application worthy of a "pure player", the images can be precisely defined through a customizable form. Organized into albums, they can be quickly added through drag/drop. The search engine exploits EXIF, IPTC, and customized data. Automatically resized, many batch processes are possible. The images can be sent directly from a Smartphone.

Responding at first sight to a very basic need, the application puts in place a true SSO client system oriented towards any internet sites that require an authentication.

This application sends a newsletter to platform users or to external contacts. Contact management is made easier through the CSV import/export. Putting in place a model makes it easier to create a new publication.

Classified Ads
The ads are categorized according to one's needs. The structure of the ads is customizable. They can be moderated. The users can leave comments and subscribe to the criteria of their choice.

Site Directory
Knowledge is everywhere...and is above all on websites. This application has a simple objective: make and share useful websites for a project, a service, a team, etc.

Design a Web page
This application makes content management easier (homepage, presentation page, etc.). Its content can be completely open or well-structured. A customizable web page allows for its formatting.

Website Designer
Create web pages and indexes, download images...everything you need to put on-line the small sites integrated on the platform.

A wiki makes its web pages fully modifiable by all the contributors. A wiki is used to facilitate writing documents collaboratively, with a minimum of constraints. All the basic functions are there: WYSIWYG editor, annotations, track changes, adding files, etc.


RSS Aggregator
This application displays, on one page, several external information sources in RSS format. Perfect for continually providing adequate and updated content for a given subject.

JDBC Connector
This application displays the content of a database through an SQL request determined by the manager. Ideal for quickly exposing your existing data.

Through "MyDB", Silverpeas makes it possible to host a relational database. The manager creates its structure. The contributors enter data, and the readers consult it.

This application exposes the content of any Folder of your server, through the web platform interface. Equipped with an outstanding search engine, the user can also browse in this index. In read-only by default, the application can also authorize writing.



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