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Key Features:

Silverpeas is used to build an Intranet, an Extranet or a private social network with ready to use applications.

Silverpeas is used to share documents (EDM Electronic Document Management), to streamline project management, to manage content (CMS), and optimize the management of knowledge and skills.

Silverpeas offers intuitive ergonomy, based on web GUI standards.

Silverpeas offers the possibility, for both users and non-techniciens, to freely deploy a range of ready to use applications : EDM, Pictures Gallery, directories, calendars, workflows, forms, blog, wiki, forums,  project management, etc. 

The Silverpeas workflow engine organises the circulation of information, and management of the on-line applications.

Silverpeas offers powerful non-technical mechanisms for delegation of rights, thus avoiding bottlenecks in the IT department.

The transversal platform taxonomy, coupled to the advanced search engine, enable users the means to rapidly find the information they are lookng for.

Collaborative workspaces:

Use Silverpeas to build an Intranet or Extranet and feed web 2.0 sites optimizing sharing and performance.

Based on it's collaborative bus, Silverpeas is used to share documents (EDM Electronic Documentation Management), to optimize project managment, content management and knowledge and skills management.

Silverpeas improves and encourages best practices and helps the creation of social networks, thanks to improved workflow and information management.

Quick and easy to use

Easy for non-technical users to install, configure and set-up collaborative spaces. A WYSIWYG interface makes everything so simple to use.

Ready-to-use aplications :

With more than 30 ready-to-use applications, Silverpeas™ combines all the tools you need to get your collaborative spaces up and running in a few clicks. Applications such as Blog, wiki, forum, directories, project management, ECM, picture gallery, diaries, and many more let you develop your own personalized space. Other features: EDM (Electronic Documentation Management)Collaborative tools, agendas, booking system, chat, yellow pages, social network, survey, quiz, forums,Project management tools (gantt)Knowledge managementContent management tools such as blogs, image gallery, 3D browser, EDM, RSS flows,Workflow engine with XML forms, connections to Databases, and groupware (Domino, Groupwise, Zimbra, Outlook)...

A transverse social Network gives a user centric access to informations and activities. 

Open Source Architecture:

Silverpeas is has been developed in the J2EE platform around SOA (Services Oriented Architechture) and JSR/JCR standards.

Silverpeas™ in it's Open Source form, in parallel with other components such as :

Jboss Postgresql Lucène CK Editor

You can also Use Silverpeas™ with proprietary components (Weblogic, Websphere, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, etc.).



Silverpeas is compliant with:

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