Are you a communications manager? Use Silverpeas to overhaul your intranet!

With Silverpeas, make your intranet the new main tool of your ogranization!

Is your current intranet not a collaboration tool?

Distributing information via a newsletter is complicated and you have no way to check if your employees are aware of it?
With our “Newsletter” application, you can manage all the news of your organization in a simple and intelligent way. Highlight news on your intranet home page, instantly alert
employees most concerned, prepare and schedule the publishing of information …
With Silverpeas, you can go even further by leaving the responsibility to each service to publish their own news in a dedicated space.


Finding the right updated document is a fastidious task ?

Your reference documents are difficult to find and are distributed by email or third-party
social networks services, at the risk of leaking strategic data…
Your employees have no way of knowing where the latest version of a document is … the waste of time is very real!
With our EDM app , easily share and store all your documents. With various features, your collaborators can easily comment, modify, share a document with the inside or outside world, share it… directly from the Silverpeas intranet!

Silverpeas, a turnkey solution adapted to your budget!


A scalable platform

Thanks to our rich catalog of applications, Silverpeas is a modular solution that adapts to your evolution needs, at your pace.


An intuitive interface

For users, no training is required, as most popular social networks, you can start using Silverpeas right away!


Let’s go for a GUI customization !

We provide different levels of customization to meet User Experience requirements of our customers


A team at your service

In Silverpeas organization, there is no middle management. Your contacts are involved themselves in development of our software and follow you  throughout your project.

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Discover the testimony of the overhaul of the intranet of department of Aude

« The agents wanted a real intranet with news and a more collaborative aspect. developed.
We have developed collaborative project spaces. More than thirty are at this really active day. They are real communities built around a theme, a type of business or a particular issue. They have grown considerably because they facilitate the agent life. To continue this momentum, we launched the second version of our intranet at the start of 2016 »
Testimonial from Marie-Noëlle Aribaud, Internal Communication Manager and Christine Naudy, Administrator of the Intranet within the Department of Aude.

Download the full testimony freely (french version)


Dematerialize all time-consuming processes.

productivity gain for your organization. Formalization of complex processes is an other way to explicit organizational knowledge.
Easily create forms and workflow, to allow your employees to submit requests, or trigger a process directly online.
People concerned, will be automatically notified and will validate (or refuse) the request, or add their contribution to the process. It is simple and efficient !