Silverpeas, free and open source software

Silverpeas is an open-source WEB platform for improving collaboration between actors of an Enterprise, Organization, or Administration

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The open source mindset

Silverpeas has decided to bet on the free and open source software card. Why ? Because as soon as the beginning of the adventure, the Silverpeas teams wanted to design a solution that could persist over time and evolve according to the real needs of users.

How does it work? The source code of the Silverpeas solution is freely accessible. You can
download the files and build your collaborative platform by yourself.

You can get support from community of developers, or we can assist you during the creation
and implementation of your platform and specific features if you need some.


Install Silverpeas

Install to Try or test Silverpeas easily, with our automatic installer

Download the Izpack installer



Install and configure Silverpeas for a large and secure use in enterprise.

Follow the instructions

Silverpeas org

The advantages of an open source solution



A large community of users contributes to the permanent evolution of the Silverpeas software.



Open Source is a stable and reliable model used by the biggest players on the web.



Your data are perfectly securised. You don’t take any risk using the source files of Silverpeas.



Open Source is at the forefront of many fields and technologies of the future.

Sources are available on Github

Find on Github the properties of all Silverpeas projects as well as the outbuildings and
common properties to build them.

Open the Github repository