Silverpeas supports you throughout the entire duration of your project

Our experts go above and beyond, to ensure that the implementation of your intranet solution brings real added value to your organization.

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Implementation of the solution

Launch meeting
Presentation of the interlocutors, planning of the first working meetings, modalities of operation, quality assurance.
Installation of the Silverpeas solution on the adequate server
Initiation of project management
Creation of spaces, deployment of applications, connection to the directory, contributions, moderation
Collection of additional requirements and functions
Interfacing with other applications, security policy, localization of existing contents, definition of new content, drafting of a functional specifications document.
During the process
Regular internal meetings at Silverpeas between the project manager and the product director for identification, very early on, of any product enhancement required for the project.
Graphic project
Workshops to define ergonomics and integration of the graphic chart, proposals for models, selection of a mainline, deepening of the line, validation
Refining the schedule
Based on the specifications document
Realization of page templates
Intranet home page or website pages, realization of the intranet design, installation of the customized look on the acceptance server, and any product developments, installation of a test release of the Intranet/Extranet.
Validation, acceptance
Training of Key users (referents) then technical administrators on the platform

A training course, to go the extra mile...

The ergonomics of Silverpeas make it directly accessible to users. You don't need any training to benefit from and use our platform. However, we are ready to share our expertise and our knowledge through a complete training course. We are an official registered training organization and costs of training program may be covered by your professional branch.

Graphic customization

  • Skin Choisy
  • Skin Cerfal
  • skin orly
  • skin fne
  • look michelin
  • capture intranet

A level of support that adapts to your needs (hosting or On-premise)



1 authorized support contact



2 authorized support contacts

1 platform update per year (1)
Most popular option with our customers


10 500€/year

3 authorized support contacts

3 platform updates per year, with look support


18 900€/year

5 authorized support contacts

6 platform updates per year, with full support for specifics

Annual health check-up

All media open rights to:

  • The extranet which gives you access to your project space, documentation, forums and FAQ
  • Redmine, our support platform which allows the authorized contact to bug correction requests, evolution requests and follow the product roadmap.

Starting with the GOLD level, live support is provided by email and telephone from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

(1) Excluding specific (Look, workflow)