Are you a director of a very small company ? don’t be shy, to use Silverpeas and build an intranet at low cost, which will change your everyday life !

With Silverpeas, make your intranet the new essential tool after, or maybe before e-mail!


Is your document management cumbersome and expensive?

It involves: paper, printing, archives etc.
Thus, the search of the right document remains tedious …
Save time and money with Silverpeas.
Store, organize, and search your documents in a few clicks. with various features, of our EDM App, your employees will easily comment, modify, share big documents or pictures, both inside and outside world. No need to use an external drop box App, to share this files with your customers or prospects.



Your business needs a unique framework for its communications ?

simplifies everyone’s work.
Such working, employees can base their work on a solid foundation and focus on their Goals.


Simplify customer relationship management, from pre-sales to support,


Standardized project management


Increases communication inside and between teams


Dematerialized human resources management

Do not lose any more informations when an employee leaves the company.

Simplify the knowledge handover between your employees.

A colleague is absent ? In Silverpeas everything is centralized, classified, indexed…
Information is no longer lost in e-mails or in your colleague’s briefcase. Informations are classified, and their status of achievement is identifiable.

Encourage knowledge sharing

The knowledge held by your teams is a strategic resources of your organization !
This is why, in Silverpeas, we have embedded different features allowing people to transfer their knowledge, under various formats (as texts, videos, FAQ Databases, Forums and online tchats with referents) to ensure their easy understanding and sustainability.



Silverpeas, a turnkey solution adapted to your budget!


A scalable platform

Thanks to our rich catalog of applications, Silverpeas is a modular solution that adapts to your evolution needs, at your pace.


An intuitive interface

For users, no training is required, as most popular social networks, you can start using Silverpeas right away!


A team at your service

In Silverpeas organization, there is no middle management. Your contacts are involved
themselves in development of our software and follow you throughout your project.


Attractive rates

2€ / user / month
Ask for a demo

For very small companies, our proposition :

This offer, specially designed for such company, allows to quickly provide a collaborative intranet / extranet platform for all your employees.
All Apps can be used as needed and at no extra cost.
Our standard package , up to 100 users, is € 5,990 excluding VAT. For 500 users, this increases to € 9,990 excluding VAT.

For a detailed quote perfectly suited to your needs. Contact us!