Are you an IT manager? Keep your costs under control with Silverpeas!

Opt for a real free open-source intranet, or one of our formula in the cloud, and pay only for the actual use of your Intranet.

Are you looking for a customizable, intuitive and pleasant tool to use ?

Silverpeas will interact with your directory services, whether it’s an Active Directory, an LDAP, or even Azure or Google …
Silverpeas is compatible with the main web browsers, without additional plugins.
Its “Click and go” installation, which is very easy to use, ergonomic and highly customizable, will allow you to quickly deploy a fully integrated platform within the heart of your information system.
As opposed to several heterogeneous web service pure-players solutions such as Doodle,
Dropbox, Eventbrite… Silverpeas offers an alternative approach: a single platform for these various services.


A team at your service

Our main activity is the development of our solution and the support of our clients in implementation of it.
More than 60 significant organizations use SILVERPEAS daily. Most of them exceeds a thousand users.
Working with our team, means : be sure to have a responsive contact member, able to introduce evolutions, in the roadmap of the product, to fully meet your needs. Each new customer take benefits from previous evolutions requested by the customer community.


Discover the testimony of Sébastien Bernard, Engineer systems and projects within the IT department of Chateauroux Métropole

« The use of the software by the agents happened quite naturally. Today, tintranet serves as a home page on workstations: thanks to it, agents can through an access click to internal applications that they use daily and to Silverpeas modules such as the internal directory, the EDM application or the job exchange. We also personalized some Apps, such as the FAQ application, which has been adapted so that it can become “The Word of the General
Director of services”. The latter thus shares information with all employees of the 14 towns each month. »


Download full testimoy (French version)