Are you in charge of IT ? Use Silverpeas to build your first intranet!

With Silverpeas, make your intranet the first tool prior to e-mail!

As we have frequently seen, each department uses its own tools, ignoring those used by other departments!

Unify your collaborative tools with Silverpeas.

Unify your collaborative tools with Silverpeas.
Give your employees a secured portal to business applications.
Choose from our catalog of 30 ready to use Apps, and offer your employees a new digital tool experience that will match the needs of different departments.




At the heart of your information system

Silverpeas will interact with your directory services, whether it’s an Active Directory, an LDAP, or even Azure or Google …
Silverpeas is Compatible with the main web browsers, without additional plugins.
Its design adapts itself to the size of your screen. However, we have chosen to develop its own mobile application for smartphone GUI.
Setting deep parameters, is directly accessible from the back office and require a few minutes to change deep settings, without stopping the platform!


A platform that scales at your own pace

SILVERPEAS is designed to be deployed gradually at your own pace, without regression or redeployment of services already in use.
At any time, general administrators can make new services available without compromising the existing one: Create a new work space, add an application or a new home page, or even put to work a new form …
All of these operations are directly accessible from the back office and require 30 seconds for parameter setting, without any help from a technical team, and no need to interrupt the entire platform!



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A team at your service

Our main activity is the development of our solution and the support of our clients in its implementation.
More than 60 leading organizations use SILVERPEAS daily. Most of them surpass a thousand users.
Working with our team: means the guarantee of having a responsive contact member, as well as the ability to introduce developments, in the product’s roadmap in order to fully meet your needs. Each new customer benefits from prior development requested by the customer community.



Enjoy the advantages of an open source solution



A large community of users contributes to the permanent evolution of the Silverpeas software.



Open Source is a stable and reliable model used by the biggest players on the web.



Your data is perfectly secure You aren’t taking any risks using the source files of Silverpeas.



Open-Source is at the forefront of many fields and technologies of the future.

Read the testimony of Sébastien Bernard, Engineer systems and projects within the IT department of Chateauroux Métropole

« The use of the software by the agents happened quite naturally. Today the intranet serves as a home page on workstations: thanks to it, agents can by an access click to internal applications that they use daily, as well as Silverpeas modules such as the internal directory, the EDM application or the job exchange. We also personalized some Apps, such as the FAQ application, which has been adapted so that it can become “The Word of the General Director of services”. The latter thus shares information with all employees of the 14 towns each month »


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