Are you responsible for internal communications? Stay free with Silverpeas!

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Communicate differently both internally and externally

You would like to publish news and allow your employees to discuss your publications? You’ve often thought to yourself that emailing is not the best way to support collaborative work?
With Silverpeas, you can share content and events, add comments and receive notification, use instant messaging or the videoconferencing tool… Features wich are easy to use, are fully integrated into our platform, and don’t require any plugins.

The advantages of an open-source solution



A large community of users contributes to the permanent evolution of the Silverpeas



Open-Source is a stable and reliable model used by the biggest players on the web.



Your data is perfectly secure. You aren’t taking any risks when using the source files of Silverpeas.



Open Source is at the forefront of many fields and technologies of the future.

A platform that scales at your own pace

SILVERPEAS is designed to be deployed gradually at your own pace, without regression or redeployment of services already in use.
At any time, general administrators can make new services available without compromising the existing one: Create a new work space, add an application or a new home page or even put to work a new form …
All of these operations are directly accessible from the back office and require 30 seconds for parameters setting, without any help from a technical team, and no need to interrupt the entire platform!
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A team at your service

Our main activity is the development of our solution and the support of our clients in its  implementation.
More than 60 leading organizations use SILVERPEAS daily. Most of them surpass a thousand users.
Working with our team: means the guarantee of having a responsive contact member, as well as the ability to introduce developments, in the product’s roadmap in order to fully meet your needs. Each new customer benefits from prior development requested by the customer community.


Read the testimony of Marie-Noëlle Aribaud Internal Communications manager in the Aude regional administration

« Our agents wanted a real intranet with news and a more
collaborative aspect.
We have developed collaborative project spaces. More than thirty are at this point really
active daily. They are real communities built around a theme, a type of business or a
particular issue. They have grown considerably because they facilitate the agent’s
professional life. To increase this success, we launched the second version of our intranet at
the start of 2016. »

Download the full testimony here (french version)