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Silverpeas is a collaborative, simple and very intuitive communication tool, with multiple possibilities, and modularity

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A communication tool, with multiple possibilities, and modularity.

Silverpeas gives you access to a catalog of 30 applications, fully integrated, resulting from a close collaboration with our customers for many years.
Easily deploy new features in your intranet and organize collaborative spaces and teams, as you wish..


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    • quickinfoBig


      Whether they concern all employees or a single department, publish your news with pertinence, due to granularity management of groups and profiling.

    • almanachBig


      Company, service, project events… Plan meetings, events, combine them. Invite your members of teams, they will never miss any appointments..

    • infoLetterBig


      Incite your employees to come and come back to the intranet to read a newsletter
      containing key elements that they may have missed.

    • blogBig


      The Blog application is really an easy way to build a journal around important events or projects. The more the time passes and the more your blog becomes the memory of your organization

    • kmeliaBig

      Documents / Media

      All sorts of documents find their place in Silverpeas.
      Whether they are reference documents, related to a service or even to a project, publish them so that they become accessible immediately and permanently, to those who are concerned.
      For pictures, videos or sounds, prefer the Media application, because its features are specific to such supports (ex resizing).

    • questionReplyBig


      Save time of all your employees, share frequently asked questions and their answers. What if they can’t find the answer they’re looking for? Let them ask the question directly to experts !

    • yellowpagesBig


      For efficient management, centralize and share your external contacts (suppliers, partners, customers, etc.).

    • infoLetterBig


      You have just completed an important document, notify your working group, that the document is ready.
      You have seen an interesting information ? warn the users who can be interested in. Do not use the email, send a link from the platform.

    • yellowpagesBig

      Directory / Face directory

      Put a face on a name, consult the members of a service, find who owns a phone number, quickly find the right contact… The user directory is complete for that.

    • organigramme

      Organizational chart

      Browse within the organization of your company with the the dynamic organization chart. Quickly visualize who are the managers and the constitution of the different teams

    • resourcesManagerBig

      Book resources

      Working together often means sharing common resources. The Booking resources application allows you to book rooms, equipments, vehicles… according to their availability

    • forumsBig


      Topics, messages, moderation, subscriptions … You want to open a discussion area about a topic ? The Forum application is made for that

    • surveyBig


      Ask the opinions of your employees about a topic, directly from the platform.
      You can post closed questions or open, live or delayed results, detailed or synthetic display… It’s as you want.

    • suggestionBoxBig

      Suggestion boxes

      Collect and promote individual ideas by giving them a global visibility. This is the goal of the suggestion box application

    • forumsBig

      Instant messaging

      Two or more discussion, instant file sharing, videoconference. No plugin required, no
      additional subscription. It’s a native feature of our solution !

    • Comments

      No more endless exchanges by email! Follow the various contributions and allow newcomers to be quickly in the buzz.

    • formsOnlineBig


      Transform your paper or PDF forms so they can be filled, tracked and processed on line. Save
      time for requesters and their managers

    • processManagerBig


      Simple or complex, dematerialize your internal processes with our workflow engine. Traceability, structuring, security …

    • classifiedsBig


      Gone are the classifieds bulletin boards. Use the app instead Classifieds and offer a modern tool to your employees.
      For example, you can use this application to manage a database of resume, or your job board and opportunities.

    • kmeliaBig

      Electronic Documents Management (EDM)

      Centralize all your project documents in a collaborative space. Activate the versionning of documents if necessary.

    • projectManagerBig

      Calendar / Gantt

      The key dates of projects are managed in the Calendar. To go further, break down your project into tasks, and assign resources to tasks.

    • groupe_Type_gestionCollaborative


      A directory of project members is automatically generated. You know exactly who is involved in the project.
      Often enough and always simpler than Microsoft Project.

    • blogBig


      Keep the project logbook up to date. New members will say thank you!

    • Search engine

      Full-text indexing of contents (publications, files, Blogs, …) allows the search engine to retrieve contents easily, on various criteria, you can then refine your results thru filtering facets and transverse taxonomy.

    • Subscriptions

      Subscribe to topics, folders, publications and you will be informed of the news about them.

    • IS integration

      Interconnected with the corporate directory and allowing automatic connection, our platform is integrated to your information system, and provides access to your business web applications according to employee’s rights.

Easy to use and quickly installed,

Our software is also plebiscited by our customers, as a ready to use and scalable solution ! You don’t need fastidious training or technical knowledge to use it. The ergonomy of the Silverpeas graphic user interface has been designed to be pleasant and intuitive, both on the front office side accessible to all users, and on the back office side reserved to administrators. You need a new application? Browse our catalog of 30 Applications, select the one you need, then activate it by yourself in a collaborating space, and start using it right away.

Access to Silverpeas from everywhere, even on the go

Are you often on the move? With Silverpeas, the essentials are within your hands on you smartphone.
Access your intranet, consult, download or forward documents, leave comments… directly from your smartphone!
We have designed a specific Graphic User Interface (GUI) for smartphones, but on tablets, the responsive design of the native GUI of Silverpeas, gives you access to all features.

GUI can be customized according to your needs and graphic chart

You can decide to use the native GUI template, out of the box, or ask to our designerergonomist team, to adapt the visual rendering of your intranet platform according to your graphic chart. (colors, logo, typo …) or even reorder homes pages as you want.
Are you on a tight budget? Don’t worry, we provide different levels of customization to meet the expectations of our customers.
Simple new skin or deep relook, we have the solution


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A free and Open Source solution: the guarantee of sustainability

Open Source is a source of innovation. This model guarantees sustainable development and security for the future. The source code of Silverpeas is public and freely available. As such, it is subject to various and permanent contributions, that remain under control of our team.
This allows to get a lot of novelties and improvements made by our community. More visibles, bugs or security problems are quickly identified and corrected.

Access the Open Source community

A software, but above all a team at your service

Our daily concern? Your satisfaction! The Silverpeas team is characerized by its responsiveness and accessibility. The whole team is specialized and dedicated to the tool.
We attach a high importance to the human and relational aspects. People who created the software and work every day to improve it, are the same people who can provide you support to your daily use of the tool. We base our relationships on trust, mutual aid and honesty in order to meet your needs.


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