Enhance collaboration

Collaboration is our philosophy

Silverpeas believes in the effectiveness of collaborative work.

The sharing of knowledge, the simple and rapid exchanges, provide an adequate synergy within your work teams.
We want to promote and facilitate this way of working and thinking.
This is why we have created a rich, intuitive and ready-to-use collaborative platform.
Organize your collaborative work spaces, pick applications from our catalog, among the 30 ready to use professional applications, and deploy them according to your needs to create your customized intranet , your extranet or your collaborative platform.

Doing that, you will create, share, classify and quickly find information.
Doing such, you also begin to capitalize on know-how and share good practices.

Several references agree that “Silverpeas has a functional richness rarely equaled ” in the open source world.
Collaborative spaces are virtual workshops, where are settled applications suited to the very purpose of the collaboration. All collaborative spaces are placed under the responsibility of one or more administrators, who can set up the applications suitable for workgroups, and they are also granted to assign access rights to users and groups.


logo wikipediaCollaborative work is a new economic model of production in which people using new communication tools can maximize creative energy even on large-scale projects (such as an Wikipedia)

Contributions are no longer based on a traditional hierarchical organization, and it’s not just
a new philosophy.

In our company, our collaboration is orchestrated around our intranet platform.

  • On home office days, discussions are done via integrated instant messaging.
  • The team can follow up new business progress by subscribing to our application of Customer Relationship Management, based on EDM application.
  • Leave requests are made via the workflow for this purpose. Once the request is validated, the event is entered in the agenda. This information is relayed, and highlighted on our home page..
  • Small marketing videos are co-designed, when a new video is deposited in the media library, we take the opportunity to comment and correct the small shells.
  • All our research efforts and design are traced, commented on, co-written , in the EDM “Documentation” of the dedicated space “Product side”..

But we created many other uses cases…. Not a day goes without frequent connections to our Intranet, the main place, which unites our work.