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Incite and promote sharing and collaboration within your teams

Silverpeas is an open source, rich and scalable intranet software for distributing, exchanging, storing and quickly find the information that is the strength of your organization.
With its 30 ready-to-use collaborative applications, Silverpeas allows you to quickly build a collaborative Intranet / Extranet platform meeting the collaboration needs of your organization.


Quickly find the information you need

…Or find the right person who can help you. Regardless the type and the size of your organization, quick access to key informations and the possibility of easily finding the contact able to inform you are a real gain in time and productivity. Thanks to its search engine efficient, intelligent structuring contents, and a complete directory of your employees, Silverpeas makes your daily professional life easier..


Dematerialize all time-consuming processes

Dematerialize all time-consuming processes.
Dematerialization of simple and repetitive processes without real added value, procures a productivity gain for your organization. Formalization of complex processes is an other way to explicit organizational knowledge.
Easily create forms and workflow, to allow your employees to submit requests, or trigger a process directly online.
People concerned, will be automatically notified and will validate (or refuse) the request, or add their contribution to the process. It is simple and efficient !

Boost knowledge sharing

Les connaissances acquises par vos équipes représentent des ressources stratégiques pour votre organisation ! C’est pourquoi, chez Silverpeas, nous avons développé une solution vous permettant de partager simplement ces savoirs et d’assurer ainsi leur pérennité. Pour ce faire, de nombreuses options s’offrent à vous pour rester en veille sur des sujets bien précis et échanger avec les personnes référentes (abonnement à un fil d’actualité, forum, annuaire d’experts, F.A.Q…).


Communicate differently inside and outside your organization

You want to publish news and allow your employees to discuss about your publications? You often understood that emailing is not the best way to support collaborative work?
With Silverpeas, share content and events, add comments and get notified, use instant messaging or the videoconferencing tool… Features easy to use, which are fully integrated into our platform, without using any plugin.


Some applications


Document management

Upload, update, publish, and share the information that matters!


CSR (Corporate Social Network)

Facilitates the flow of information & interactivity



Subscribe to topics you want to follow.


Project area - Collaborative work

Workspaces are places to manage projects as well as to run smoothly on a daily basis of a department or a company.


File sharing

Internally, or externally! Distribute from the platform, the download link to a file or a folder.


Organization - planning

Manage your agenda, find a meeting date with your colleagues, book the meeting room …


Multimedia Gallery

Organize all your media (pictures, sounds, videos and streaming) with a simple quick addition by drag & drop.



With the embedded Workflow editor, you can define: a new procedure, the forms
associated at each stage, the actors participating in the actions. Then deploy this workflow in the collaborative space, where it will be used …



No matter where your workday takes you, you will always have access to the documents you need. So you can stay connected to your team and update your status to let them know you’re on the go today.

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