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Develop your own Apps, based on our APIs

The Silverpeas bus encapsulates powerful engines such as: research, workflow, import-export, customization, and subscription-notifications. Its service-oriented architecture (SOA) based on a communication bus, allows generic services and user’s Apps to exchange data in a secure mode, and ensures scalability, versatility, and plasticity.
Create GUI for Silverpeas, as you are used to doing it, using your preferred framework : Angular, ViewJs…
Ensure interconnection with other parts of your information system using Webservices of the Silverpeas bus.



Silverpeas is recursive. It applies the principles of collaboration to its internal design
Recursive because collaboration is also the goal of its architecture: Apps and the bus collaborate at various levels. This provides a coherent whole of its technical basis right down to its intention. there is no design break between its conception technique and its purpose.
In order to let developers concentrate on the added value of Apps, but also to facilitate the software design, the architecture of Silverpeas is based on the JEE platform and is powered by the RedHat open-source application server: Wildfly.
It revolves around a collaborative bus based on CDI (Context and Dependency Injection), which provides a wide range of engines and transverse services such as:

  • authentication service
  • rights management engine
  • indexing and search engine
  • workflow engine
  • notification engine
  • planning service
  • attached file service
  • feedback service
  • rating service…

In addition, the bus uses REST web services API (REpresentational State Transfer), persistence management powered by JPA (Java Persistence API) or directly by JDBC (Java DataBase Connectiviy) and uses the JCR (Java Content Repository) to manage synchronization between metadata (stored in DataBase) and multimedia documents (stored in file system).


The bus forms a common base which allows the different software components, (Apps but also technical and GUI components) to collaborate in order to offer

added-value features.

In addition, Silverpeas also defines its own framework and rules for the design and representation (look & feel), to homogenize and facilitate the design and development of Apps.
Apps in Silverpeas always consist of three modules:

  • the configuration
  • Functional and technical features
  • the GUI (using JQuery, AngularJS and recently VueJS) and at the end, the interface with component-specific REST web configuration

With the REST Web services API, it is possible to access the various resources of your platform from outside of Silverpeas itself. This is how, for example, the Silverpeas mobile application has been designed


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