Facilite sharing and collaboration within your teams

Silverpeas is an, open source, rich and scalable intranet software that will help you to distribute, exchange, store, and quickly find the information at the heart of your organization.

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Quickly find the information you need

… Or find the right person who can help you. Regardless of the type and size of your organization, having quick access to key information as well as the possibility to easily find the contact able to inform you are time-savers and boost productivity. Thanks to its powerfull search engine, efficient, intelligent structuring content, a long with a complete directory of your employees, Silverpeas makes your daily professional life easier.


Communicate differently both internally and externally

You would like to publish news and allow your employees to discuss your publications? You’ve often thought to yourself  that emailing is not the best way to support collaborative work?
With Silverpeas, you can share content and events, add comments and receive notification, use instant messaging or the videoconferencing tool… Features wich are easy to use, are fully integrated into our platform, and don’t require any plugins.


Encourage knowledge sharing

Your teams knowledge-bank is a strategic resource for your organization! For this reason, we have developed a solution allowing members of the team to share their knowledge through different media (pictures, videos, blogs, forums, FAQ, etc.) They naturally formalize, and transfer their knowledge, and thus to ensure its continuity. At the same time, many options are available for members to remain on standby for specific topics and to discuss with referees (subscription to news feed, discussions, topics, groups, projects, etc.).


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Dematerialize all time-consuming processes

The dematerialization of simple and repetitive processes that are without real added value, procures a productivity boost for your organization. The formalization of complex processes is another way to share organizational knowledge.
Easily create forms and workflow in order, to allow your employees to submit requests, or trigger a process directly online.
Those involved, will be automatically notified and will confirm (or refuse) the request, or add their contribution to the process. It’s simple and efficient!



Testimony from Orly town hall

“We wanted our intranet to be accessible to all agents. Since most of them do not have a computer workstation at their workplace, the platform had to be full web to be able to be consulted anywhere, from a simple web browser.
In addition, we wanted this project to have a cost below the minimum threshold of the public market. (Editor’s note: € 25,000 excl. tax) because we wanted to avoid going through a call for tenders. Indeed, we wanted to implement quickly.  »
Interview with Sarah Francisco, Internal Communication Officer within the Orly town hall

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The use of the software by the agents happened quite naturally. The intranet home page, is the default home page on workstations: thanks to it, agents have one-click access to internal applications that they use daily, as well as Silverpeas modules such as the internal directory, documents management or internal job opportunities.

Sébastien Bernard Systems and projects engineer within the Information Systems Department

Des tarifs flexibles

Flexible rates

“SaaS” offer

Rent a collaborative space
2 € / user / month
500 MB / user
10 to 50 users max
Temporary working groups (project mode) within associations, VSEs & SMEs ...

Use it in the “Cloud”

Rent a dedicated collaborative platform

From 2000 € / year
Price according to the number of users Associations, SMEs, ETIs, Communities ... Most
popular option with our customers
Most popular option with our customers

Use it “On-premise”

Host your own collaborative platform

From 5000 € / year
Price based on the number of users,
Associations, SME, mid-size enterprises, communities ... with an in-house IT department

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