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Electronic Document Management

  Silverpeas' Electronic Document Management application is one of the most complete on the market :


It manages all types of documents (Office, pdf, html, forms, etc.)

It manages very precisely the access rights to publications.

It makes uploading files by drag/drop easy, and is integrated with MS Office.

The metadata can be configured : forms or WYSIWYG text.

The EDM integrates a validation workflow, "i18n" multilingualism and "versioning".

The taxonomy allows for semantic and transversal tagging of information.

The EDM also makes it possible to publish on the WEB (e.g., this website).

Silverpeas ECM application still offers many other possibilities like:

  • Overlay of images from galleries managed in Silverpeas,
  • Management of dynamic values ​​in the WYSIWYG editor (variables incorporated in the text)
  • Management of a glossary of definitions (definitions of terms appears when you hover the mouse)
  • Sharing the same files between several publications,
  • Multi-site publications (one publication presents in several directory)
  • Synchronize files between multiple Silverpeas platforms
  • Capture files from scanning tools (SilverDrive)
  • Imports and exports of publications
  • Pdf generation
  • Indexing of external directories
  • Creation of temporary download links
  • Publication on the web (CMS-associated Silverpeas)
  • Archiving of emails (send emails to the email address associated with a folder)

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