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Graphic customization

Whether used on the Intranet, Extranet or to dynamically manage a website, the graphics of our platform can always be customized.

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This service consists first of devising the proposals for the graphics direction, so to provide a visual identity to the website, or to the Intranet/Extranet site.

After approval of the in-depth direction, the layout is designed into web page models: homepage, central page, result page, search page, map page, etc.

The site map is elaborated within Silverpeas' hierarchical taxonomy.
The web page templates are then created and "motorized" with Silverpeas' content (web developer), so a user can maintain them, without technical knowledge, modify all of the menus, content, images and banners.

The visual identity is then designed into "looks" for the collaborative spaces.

By "look", we mean a graphical and ergonomical customization of the Silverpeas platform interface.
A look is made up of all the graphical elements, style sheets (CSS) and interface settings.

The chosen layouts are designed into 2 to 3 specific "looks", which are then integrated into the platform, and is displayed in function of the user profile, once authenticated. (e.g., a look for an internal user, an external look, and a generic look for the thematic workshops).

The layout is also designed into homepages for different spaces (a homepage can be linked with each space, so to customize the content according to thematic workshops, for example). A homepage uses the Web publication technique: a WEB page is created to incorporate the content from the platform, or from the external RSS feeds, links, etc., and acts as the homepage for one or several spaces.

It also allows for completely and fully customizing the page.

From our experience, this work identity assumes a specific importance because the "look" strengthens the users and contributors feeling of belonging.

These tasks require several exchanges between Silverpeas and the users responsible for communications, which is the reason the graphical tasks must be run in parallel with the other project tasks (installation, settings, training, etc.).



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