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New applications

The Silverpeas platform integrates a software development kit. (SDK)

This development kit provides access to the technical interface (API) of Silverpeas' bus, which encapsulates all the generic mechanisms:

  • rights management
  • workflow engine
  • research
  • subscriptions
  • notifications
  • management of attachments and versioning
  • SSO
  • etc.

It is therefore very easy and fast to develop new applications on Silverpeas, or to tweak the behavior of its existing tools.
We design these applications by using the Unified Modeling Language "use cases" (UML Use Cases).

The specifications are validated by the client, then we enter into the development phase, in the Silverpeas shop (see
The developments can be shared partially or owned by Silverpeas R&D, if they are extensions of the standard product.
It is possible to develop complex applications (e.g., upload management, time management, consolidation of financial or environmental data, etc.).