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Issues ?

Putting to work

Silverpeas has perfected the methodology described below :


  1. Launch meetings: present representatives, schedule the first working meetings, operating procedures, quality assurance.
  2. Installation of the Silverpeas solution on an acceptance test server
  3. Introduction for the project manager on how to use Silverpeas (create spaces, deploy applications, directory connections, contributions, moderating)
  4. Additional collection of needs and features, interfaces with other applications, security policy, identifying existing content, defining new content, writing a file on feature specifications.
  5. In parallel, frequent internal updates on Silverpeas between the project manager and the product director for very early identification of possible required upgrades for the project.
  6. Graphical site: Workshops to define the ergonomics and the style guide, layout proposals (3), and to choose a direction, further study of the direction, and validation.
  7. Refine the schedule taking into account the specifications file
  8. Create page templates (Intranet homepage or web pages), create the Intranet "look", install the look on the acceptance test server, and possible product upgrades, installation of the Internet test site.
  9. Validation/acceptance test
  10. Train key users (referrers)
  11. Train technical administrators of the platform


Change Management

It has 3 objectives :

  • Align the objectives followed by the steering committee members:
    • Strategic objectives followed (collaborative work in view of better team creativity and productivity, lowering costs, etc.)
    • Evaluate the expected impacts by putting in place different units
  • Identify the risks:
    • Organizational
    • Technical
    • Programming: integration of the client's other business applications that are currently being upgraded or that will be upgraded, poor modeling of the ranking plan by subject or collaborative spaces
    • Operational: usage constraints, reticent habits to modify, response time, etc.
  • Mitigate the identified risks:
    • Formalize the risks (risk matrices) and counter measures to mitigate them
    • Refine the IS upgrade plan around the solution
    • Put in place an internal communications plan for the client, to encourage the acceptance of the platform: a calendar is elaborated with the help of Silverpeas
    • Put in place a usage chart for the content management platform
    • Build a training plan
    • Form agile and motivated pilot teams


The implementation needs to always be carried out within the context of real projects (run with objectives, deadlines, a manager, working groups). The worst error is to make available a "parachute" solution, which is uninvolved and unaccompanied, without explanations and support.


Technical integration of Silverpeas in the information system is made easier by hosting the solution on your network, but it can also be done from an outsourced platform.
This work consists of:
  • Connecting the Silverpeas directory to your company directory (LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory),
  • Providing access to your "business" applications through an SSO (e.g., CAS) or through an SSO client (customized hyperlinks)
  • Integrate the data from various sources (times, restaurant menus, vacations, weather, etc.) into the homepages
  • Integrate your file servers (recovery or indexing of collection holdings)
This work is essentially technical, and is generally done in coordination with the DIS.

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