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Data Collection

Silverpeas is used in the collection of sales data or environmental data.
The Application allows to : 

Collects, verifies and monitors data

Alerts users concerned with exceeding thresholds

Securely stores and keeps a history of data (encrypting is possible)

Manages access rights (observer, manager, administrator)

Reproduces data graphically



DCA is a powerfull application that gathers, controls, monitors, and aggregates data.

Data is sent via a web connection (mobile terminal, GPRS or wired connection) and are received via the FTP protocol. Flow of datas can be sent as XML or. Csv format.

Checking & collecting data

Data is checked according to rules settings, and feed an error log. They are then ranked in points (sites) of measurement. It is possible to configure the structure of data collection points :

Several devices or instruments for collection points
Organizational structure of collection points (such as a network of collection points).

Formatting data

In the Graphic User Interface, it is possible to select data, then create charts and graphs upon time slots. It is also possible to attach documents (photos, scans ...) and to attach them in areas of measurement. These documents contain metadata (records) and the publisher may choose to make them available for specific people, groups or everybody (people who can access to the portal).

The portal has a search engine to find the proper documents (by keyword or topic). Connection to the service DCA uses secure mode (https) via a web browser after authentication (username and password).

There are three levels of access rights:

1. Observer (read only)
2. User (data changes and actions)
3. Administrator (settings management)

Availability of data

Datas can be prompted via the Web GUI of DCA. Ergonomy is intuitive. Datas are stored in a SQL database that can be encrypted. Old datas can be automatically archived.


Data monitoring

Data can be checked by the "Data Warning" ® service, that schedules checking at regular intervals (every minute, every hour, every day ...). If abnormal values are detected, users are notified via various channels : sms e-mail, etc).


Vous acceptez que Silverpeas collecte et utilise les données personnelles que vous venez de renseigner dans ce formulaire dans le seul but de vous envoyer des offres marketing personnalisées que vous avez acceptées de recevoir, en accord avec notre politique de protection des données.