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Sales & Marketing

Patrick SCHAMBEL, 60 years old, Owner & Director of Silverpeas, CEO of the OOsphère Group, Master's in Computer Science (formerly with Cap Gemini, Sema Group, CCI du Doubs).

R&D Manager

Nicolas EYSSERIC, R&D Manager, 35 years old, Product Manager, DESS in Software Engineering, in-depth knowledge of the Silverpeas solution, which he has worked on for 10 years (formerly with Stratelia).

Projects Management & Consulting

Sébastian VUILLET, 35 years old, Project Director, IMERIR Engineer, expert in Java and Google technologies.


David LESIMPLE, 40 years old, User Support Manager, academic, in-depth knowledge of the Silverpeas solution, which he has worked on for 10 years (formerly with Stratelia).


Aurore ALLIBE , 31 years old, artistic director, responsible of webdesign and ergonomy of the Silverpeas solution.



Silverpeas is the publisher of the collaborative portal, Silverpeas.
It is a subsidiary of the OOsphère Group.

Based in Grenoble, it employs 12 experts who are dedicated to the development of the product, from the coordination of the Open Source development community ( ) to the solution integration for its customers.

Its business partners are companies of all sizes that have understood that improving collaboration and communication helps improve a company's overall performance.

In accordance with the Open Source economic model, the solution is either downloadable for free on the community site, or obtained through Silverpeas, in the form of certified executable files, via an annual subscription for maintenance & online support.

The Silverpeas company offers training, support, consulting, and expertise for both its end clients and integrator partners.

See the menu "Our services" for more details


Consulting & System Integrators Partners

Consultant & System Integrators are individuals and organizations that provide complementary services to the Silverpeas community.

There are three levels of Consulting & System Integrator partnership, 2 at expert level :


Technology & OEM Partners

Open Source software success depends on a strong community. Silverpeas works with Technology and OEM Partners worldwide to offer to our mutual customers the most complete collaboration solution available.

Silverpeas is proud to be associated with Open Source and commercial organizations whose technology, combined with Silverpeas Open Solution, enable us to deliver additional value to our customers.

With our Technology and OEM Partners, we build easy-to-use and easy-to-implement integrated solutions. We also offer our shared customers guaranteed access to knowledgeable assistance.

Below is a list of our Technology and OEM Partners:

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