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Silverpeas enables publishing certain content on the Web.
This is made possible by making available to web designers a library of "Tags" that allows them to access content or containers declared "public" in Silverpeas.
In this way, Silverpeas is used as a "Back office" for one or several websites. This makes it possible to :


Have complete separation between the form and substance.

Have total creative freedom for the web designers.

Source one or several websites from a single Silverpeas platform.

Publish easily the same content over several websites.

Increase the number of contributors (no knowledge of HTML & validation).

Manage the site structure via the Silverpeas hierarchical taxonomy.

Generate tag clouds, RSS feeds, shared images, video player, newsletter, etc.




Vous acceptez que Silverpeas collecte et utilise les données personnelles que vous venez de renseigner dans ce formulaire dans le seul but de vous envoyer des offres marketing personnalisées que vous avez acceptées de recevoir, en accord avec notre politique de protection des données.